Toronto Gender Bender!

The parents of baby, 'Storm' who have refused to disclose his or her sex, wishing to raise the child in a gender neutral environment, have caused a lot of controversy as people argue whether the whole experience will be damaging to the kid.

Of course it will be! Little boys are supposed to play with toy fire trucks, model airplanes, and dynamite. Girls are supposed to play with girly stuff.

But then, considering it,  I can see both points of view. Maybe a child should grow up without having his or her gender role shoved in their face. Then they can choose their sexual identity later, instead of being pressured. Infact, maybe the whole idea that a boy baby should be brought up as a male or that a girl a female, is a remnant of our fascist imperialist system where capitalism causes discrepancies between the sexes leading to our historic class struggle to overthrow the bourgeoisie.

And why stop at gender? There are at least a total of 3000 languages spoken in the world, today. Just because a baby's parents are English, it's suddenly expected that they should be raised in English? That's madness! If you speak English and you teach your kid that language, you're discriminating against Tuvuluan and Urdu! Instead your gender neutral son or daughter should be raised in an environment exposed to all 3000 languages, in an equal and non-discriminatory way: Only then will they be able to freely choose how they'd like to converse without any imperialist ramming English down their throats.

And another thing: What's the whole business with kittens and puppies? Did you ever stop to consider that your kitten never asked to be feline? It is rigorous society that demands the cat to be a cat! When we free ourselves from all of these lists and labels inflicted on us by the bigwigs of anti-proletarianism, a kitten will finally be able to choose its destiny. It may want to become a dachshund or, possible, a middle-aged investment banker.

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