Farewell Ignatieff

With Michael Ignatieff not even able to win his own seat against Conservative Bernard Trottier in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, he had little choice but to resign. Some of his parting words to depressed Liberals were that the next leader of the Liberal Party should be a young woman.

There is no word yet on how Bob Rae feels about having been called a young woman by his departing leader.

Few Canadians voted Liberal. I, for one, will deeply miss Ignatieff. It isn't everyday that a leader comes along that you can refer to as, 'Iggy.'

Once popular sovereigntist Gilles Duceppe is also stepping down after massive defeat and the failure to win his own seat in Laurier-Sainte-Marie. In a bid to confuse the rest of Canada, Quebecers have tossed out of office a bunch of French-speaking socialists and replaced them with socialists who speak English.

This had been a very confusing election. When I got to the polling station it took me over 40 minutes to vote. I still hadn't decided yet and had worked out a complicated mathematical equation to figure it out but still couldn't find the solution. What I did was took Jack Layton self-righteousness and added it to Michael Ignatieff's vanity to see if the sum was equal to or greater than Stephen Harper's general awfulness. But then I realized that if it was, who then to vote for? Layton or Iggy? I had to borrow a calculator from the Elections Canada official who just stood there glaring at me.

Anyway, Farewell Michael Ignatieff.

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