Breaking Election Laws

Elections Canada is concerned that some Canadians will use social media to report the results of ballots counted before polls close in the western parts of the country. A blackout has previously been in effect otherwise people in British Columbia would feel left out, already knowing who has won by the time they cast their ballots. Some people are calling for a, 'Tweet-in' to protest this ban:

Here at El Canadu we also like to live in constant fear that Elections Canada will send a swat team after us. So if you live in BC here's a heads up on who's leading right now...

In the riding of Avalon, Newfoundland, incumbent Scott Andrews hasn't gotten a single vote with 8 ballot boxes being counted. To everyone's surprise, the giant chicken from Fox's, 'Family Guy,' now has 517 votes.

In the Nova Scotia riding of Sydney-Victoria Liberal Mark Eyking probably isn't going to win his seat. With just over 1200 ballots counted it has turned into an unexpected two-way race between Darth Vader of the Empire Party and Luke Skywalker of the Rebel Alliance. Vader currently leads Skywalker by 12 votes.

And in the riding of Montmorency, Quebec City, the people counting the ballots ordered out for some, 'La Fin du Monde.' It's a strong beer. What happened next is they lost the ballot boxes, found them again, but then lost them. Rumours are that the ballots may be in the trunk of a Renault 7 speeding through the GaspĂ©.

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