Apocalypse Draws Near!

According to Harold Camping of Family Radio, the end of the world draws near. These billboards are appearing all over Canada to remind us that doomsday is imminent.

This is very bad news for Stephen Harper who's recently been riding a high after winning a majority government. Maybe better news for Michael Ignatieff.

When Jesus returns El Canadu vows to have a reporter at the press conference. We're working out all sorts of questions like:

"Mr. Lord, if you really are supreme then what's the deal with Kirk Cameron and those rapture movies that he made? If you were going to warn us of your imminent return than why did those movies suck so bad? And why is Cameron one of your chosen ones? Why not somebody like the Fonz or Erkel? I never liked Kirk Cameron. It seems like you, being Lord, would have somebody better canvassing on your behalf."

However, Mr. Camping has been wrong before. He disappointed his followers in 1994, expecting Armageddon on September 6 of that year.

If you see this man on May 21rst, RUN!
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