Answering More Hate Mail...

Libby left this comment on the post, 'Terrible Quebec NDP MPs...'

"What is your love affair with experience?

Might I remind you that Mulroney was experienced as he monitored the land flip deals and the Air Bus scam which sent him into political free fall, unable to complete the term. And then of course Paul Martin who avoided Canadian tax with his offshore ship company. And then there's Diefenbacher's Conservatives caught in bed with a spy. Even Harper in the 2006 election stealing money with a tax-payer reimbursement of expenses. Just for starters.

After witnessing layers of corruption in Ottawa, a bit of INexperience might be refreshing."

My response is to first ask: Libby Davies, is that you?

I don't have a love affair with experience. I simply fear the NDP. The reasons why many Canadians fear the NDP are simple:

#1. First the NDP, in opposition, will pretend that they're moderate, replacing the Liberal Party.

#2. They will win a majority government next election.

#3. For awhile things will be fine as Canadians learn how to drive Volvo's and enrol in small liberal arts colleges.

#4. Once the NDP has our trust they enslave everybody and make us work in underground salt mines for their God, Karl Marx.

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