World Watches Canada

The world is finding out about the dramatic and historic events taking place during our election thanks to Nelly Furtado's Twitter feed. The singer is trying to get young people to vote and is tweeting for more awareness in regards to the environment.

Last week Americans first heard that Canadians were having an election when Stephen Colbert started his show with, 'Chaos in Canada,' but soon discovered that the whole situation in The Great White North is boring.

People of the world: Canadian politics is not boring! One of the major things our leaders are campaigning on is whether we should annex Greenland now for their bountiful seal hunting grounds, or wait until later. Our Prime Minister recently talked some U.S. general into selling us some stealth fighters, so he prefers to wait until we get the jets. The leader of the opposition, known mysteriously only as Iggy, wants to attack now.

But like when Mike Huckabee was recently on the radio lamenting about how the president grew up in Africa, some Canadians are beginning to suspect that Iggy may be a hated Greenlander in disguise, himself.

You can learn more about Canada here:
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