Reuniting Friends?

Once Brian Mulroney and Lucien Bouchard were the best of friends. Then came the aftermath of the failure of The Meech Lake Accord and a surge in support for Quebec sovereignty. The friendship ended. They both went seperate ways. Bouchard would become the founder of the Bloc Quebecois and, later, the premiere of Quebec, while Mulroney would go on to raise a son who now has some sort of entertainment show on CTV.

On Monday Mulroney was interviewed by Steve Paikin on the TVO show, 'The Agenda.' He did not give a strong endorsement of Stephen Harper, instead saying: "At this point I'll vote for the Conservative candidate in my constituency." When he said, "Canada is fortunate to have four good people leading the major political parties. At the end of the day, whatever happens, they'll either come togethor or the prime minister will act alone," he wasn't talking about Elizabeth May and the Greens as one of the major political parties; he meant the Bloc Quebecois.

Has Mulroney warmed up to the Bloc? Hey Brian: If you want I'll call Lucien for you and tell him you're sorry.

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