Leader's Debate So Very Boring!

The four leaders of the major Canadian political parties squared off in a debate that made watching someone fill in the cracks on a roadway with asphalt seem interesting. The whole problem is that we live in an age of internet and reality TV. The leaders should do a lot more to capture the attention of people who like to play, 'The Sims,' and bank at the same time.

First off, instead of Steve Paikin, a more exciting host should have been chosen. It's not that I despise Mr. Paikin, it's just that he's so bland. If you've seen his show, 'The Agenda,' on TVO, you know what I mean. The moment you see him opening his mouth to say something you reach for the TV remote to change the channel because you expect to hear: "Hi, I'm Steve Paikin and tonight we've got seven PhDs in our studio to talk about the differences in tap water between Kingston and Cornwall. I despise Steve Paikin. A more suitable moderator would have been Pamela Anderson. She's Canadian so she fits the requirements...

Secondly, a game should have been made out of the debate. Like every minute a buzzer would ring and each of the leaders would have to drink a shot of vodka. The last one with the most coherent responses would be declared the winner. And the questions! Most Canadians don't want to hear about stealth fighter contracts because, at the end of the day, whatever party is in power is going to buy the same jets anyway.

What should have happened is there'd be a guy in the audience wearing a toque. He'd get up and say, "I have a question for the Prime Minister: How do I live in Manitoba and vote for the Bloc Quebecois?" And the PM would respond calmly that that is a provincial party that he's ineligible to vote for. Then the same guy would ask if he moved to Ontario, could he then vote for the Bloc Quebecois, and so on and so on. But then, by the end of it, as the man in toque sits down, he would mutter, "It doesn't matter anyway: I always vote NDP."

If my recommendations on how to improve the leader's debate are adopted, it would make for a lot more entertaining two hours of television. By the conclusion of it Jack Layton would be quickly hobbling away on his cane while Harper and Ignatieff beat on each other, and Gilles Duceppe stands there weeping.

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