Canada's Fringe Politics: A Tale of Two Communist Parties

Most people don't know that Canada has two communist parties. There's the Communist Party of Canada and then there's the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist). If you're a Bolshevik who lives in downtown Toronto, this can be very confusing. Sort of like back in the 1980's when the Rhino Party ran a candidate named John Turner against John Turner, the then Liberal leader.

The original Communist Party of Canada was founded in a barn in Guelph in 1921. The Great Depression was a heyday for reds who were fighting for the rights of workers and the unemployed. But, after World War 2, it was quickly discovered that Josef Stalin was a ruthless totalitarian dictator as opposed to a goodwill ambassador who believed in love, friendship, and peace with little Care Bears running around in the forest.

This is where the two communist parties diverge. It may seem silly to split a few thousand votes across the entire country but both parties have very different ideologies. So if you think that Khrushchev, Castro, and Gorbachev had the right idea then the Communist Party of Canada headed by Miguel Figueroa is the party for you: But if you think that Stalin was a general all round nice guy and a snappy dresser and that the leadership of North Korea is super, then you want to vote for the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) led by Anna Di Carlo:

One things for sure: If either of these two parties does win the election you'll quickly find yourself in a cattle car rocketing through The Great White North with a machine gun in your hand, hunting down the supporters of the other communist party. And then, thirty years from now, you'll stand in line for four hours to buy a drink that tastes sort of like Coke but isn't.

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