Scandal? What Scandal?

With an election eminent, Iggy was in the House of Commons blah blah blahing about another alleged scandal apparently having taken place right out of the PMO. APTN, the Aboriginal Network, which specializes in showing reruns of, 'North of 60,' uncovered that former Harper aide Bruce Carson was involved in a scam trying to use his influence to get contracts to sell water filtration systems to Native rez's. The whole deal would have seen Carson's fiancĂ©e get 20% of all of the profits. To make things even murkier Carson, whose 66, is getting married to a 22-year-old former escort.

And Michael Ignatieff is making a big deal out of all of this in the hopes of winning some support from the electorate. Iggy, Iggy, Iggy: If you'd only read a book you'd find out about real scandals. Why, for example, in 64AD it's alleged that Nero burned down all of Rome so that he could build it again to his own liking. And it's believed that Pope John XII turned the Vatican into his personal whorehouse. In the 1640's Mathew Hopkins promoted himself to the rank of, 'Witchfinder General,' so that he could accuse, torture, and kill the deranged or elderly for Satanic deeds. In 1921 Baron Von Sternberg, a White Russian general, went AWOL to takeover Mongolia which he turned into an opium-induced murderous holiday for himself.

Now Michael Ignatieff: Those are what I call real scandals. What's Bruce Carson guilty of doing again? I forget but his girlfriend's hot.
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