Charlie Sheen and Addiction Cults

Proving that Charlie Sheen may have a good head on his shoulders: The embattled actor was recently ranting about the evils of AA, calling it a cult with a 5% success rate...

In other news, Roch Theriault was murdered in prison last weekend. Calling himself, 'Moses' the self-proclaimed prophet retreated with his followers into the bush where they cut off all ties with friends, family, and reality. Theriault, who certainly wasn't a qualified doctor, began operating on his followers. Castrating a child because of a lump, he also pulled out teeth, and even amputated an arm. A horror story, he would eventually go to jail for disemboweling his wife because he was trying to cure her stomach ache. And how did the cult leader get his start? As a Christian addictions counselor.

Score 1 for Charlie Sheen!

Charlie Sheen is not Canadian but his brother is Emilio Estevez who was in the
hockey movie, 'Mighty Ducks' so it's close.
 And did you know that it's estimated that Roch Theriault fathered 30 children-4 of them in prison thanks to conjugal visits? It's sobering to realize that while Quebec has one of the lowest fertility rates in the industrialized world, Theriault's DNA will live on.
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