Your Help Needed Now...Please Give!

It's being reported that the Conservatives are scurrying about trying to secure another $243,900 because they expect an election soon. This with the budget coming? When Jim Flaherty stands up in the House of Commons to deliver the budget, which will probably be this simple sentence: 'No money for anyone', expect all of the other parties to join forces in calling for the anticipated election.

And our federal political leaders will be off on the campaign trail!
But first...The Tories are asking for your money. Remember, they were there for us when they prorogued parliament. Now they need our help. Won't you find it in your hearts to give?

Here's an advertisement I created to help them raise the funds...

Remember those attack ads directed at Michael Ignatieff and his less than lackluster character and sense of being Canadian? Well they cost money. Now we need $243,900 to finace even more...

If you have it in your heart to help the Conservative Party to continue delivering their message of how awful Iggy is, donate here: