Correction and Appology

In an earlier blog post entitled, 'The beginning of the end of the internet as we know it,' it was stated that people in Ontario simultaneously turn the channel after, 'Father Ted,' when Steve Paikin's show, 'The Agenda,' comes on. I appologize for trying to create this misconception and am sorry for any stress that I've caused the employees of TVO.

In reality, 'Father Ted' hasn't been on TVO in ten years as it was found to be racist and insulting to Catholics. What I should have said is that after, 'Britain from Above,' is over people in Ontario simultaneously turn the channel before Steve Paikin starts talking.

Father Ted can be seen on Vision Fridays at 8:30 PM. Canada's public broadcasters won't air the show because it has been deemed offensive to some in the Christian community.

Still from CBC's, 'Little Mosque on the Prairie.'
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