Conservative Attack Ads are Back!

Pointing out that Iggy will make a terrible leader if he can fool Canadians into voting for him, these ads are belittling the Liberal leader all over the place. I don't know that it's fair to quote him on things he's said years ago.

For example:

Iggy once told the CBC that he loves the republic that he lives in. He meant the United States; he wasn't talking about some Soviet Republic. It's common for Canadians, once they get their green card, to call up the CBC and yell, "Loosers, I live in America now and we're number 1!!!"

I'm sure Michael Ignatieff likes Canada. It's just that when he's stateside, he prefers the U.S. better.

Secondly, Iggy once said that the Canadian flag looks like a beer label. He got my attention when he said that. Will he finally become the Prime Minister to make right what once had been made wrong, and give Canadians the dancing bear flag instead of the maple leaf?

Maybe Iggy won't be such a bad Prime Minister, afterall. He just prefers living in the States and doesn't particularly like our flag. And maybe, with that, he speaks to many Canadians.
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