Hydro Québec prepares to...

withdraw from New Brunswick.

Are dreams of one day controlling the eastern seaboard now over?

"It's like a bunch of little, furry Mike Duffy's at dinner time" -El Canadu editorial staff
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"That's ridiculous. Everyone knows that the unofficial flag of Florida is the Fleur-de-lys." -El Canadu editorial staff
During these difficult economic times it's important to look back and realize that many people in the past had things a lot worse. I don't know the date of this picture. Obviously it's from a darker time-probably when Bob Rae was Premiere of Ontario.

People often wonder what Jacques Parizeau is doing with his retirement.

Seen Galavanting around Ottawa

From left to right: Stephane Dion, Michael Ignatieff, and Bob Rae.

Canada's Members of Parliament are currently...

rushing back to Ottawa after an extended break.

Things are so bad at the CBC that...

after they lost the Olympic contract and the theme song to Hockey Night in Canada to CTV, Don Cherry has started moonlighting as a Polish entertainer.
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