Prime Minister's Lives as Part Fiction and Part Fact?

An author by the name of Roderick Benns is coming out with a series of novels for young adults which star Canadian Prime Ministers. 'The Mystery of the Moonlight Murder' is a might-have-happened-but-didn't story of John G. Diefenbaker playing the part of a boy detective. All of these novels will have the PM's at age 12 or 13.

I'm not sure yet how Mr. Benns will deal with Diefenbaker's hideously ugliness. I mean will he come right out with it at the beginning of the novel, opening with, 'John G. was a grotesque child' or will he lead up to it?

But wait. I can profit from this, too. School kids: If you want partly made up info that's mostly true about Canadian Prime Ministers, Look Here:

Wilfred Laurier (And the Laurier Liberals) were a bunch of Quebec separatists. Nobody knows that because this was a time before when Quebec separatists realized that they could one day opt out of Canada. Prior to the 1970's they had to keep it to themselves fearing that the priests would beat them for extravagant ideas of creating a new country.
This picture shows that William Lyon Mackenzie King was probably a Nazi.
Even though Louis St. Laurent was Prime Minister from 1948 to 1957, I don't think most people knew what he looked like or that he was infact PM.

John G. Diefenbaker was born up north or out west somewhere. He lurked around the streets of Ottawa killing the nation's aerospace industry and buying nuclear missiles. He also disliked the Canadian flag.
Lester B. Pearson put Canada on the map in international affairs. When he was in the U.S. he'd speak out against the war in Vietnam at peace rallies. That was before LBJ almost beat him up for it. True story.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau made being PM look like it was a lot of fun. He was also kind of peculiar. I don't mean 'peculiar' peculiar. I mean possibly John Baird peculiar.
 Then there's Brian Mulroney: You can't say anything bad about him...He'll probably sue you.

And that's just a few of our Canadian Prime Ministers.

Roderick Benns' novel:

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