El Canadu will return to its regularly scheduled blog postings after

our editorial staff gets out of the temporary detention centre used to hold G20 protesters.

After we saw a few people waving the flags of pre-communist Vietnam and also the fleur-de-lis, we decided to display our own incoherant flag for protesting a global summit. And so, waving a Mongolian flag, we took turns yelling into a megaphone.

"Mr. Prime Minister," we said. "Why have you been silent on the whole situation of Mongolia for so long? You have been PM for six years and we have never heard you speak on this subject."

At first some of the other protesters gathered around to listen to what we had to say so, encouraged, we spoke even louder: "Since you've left us in the dark Mr. Prime Minister, our first question that we'd like answered is: Where is Mongolia? Because we were on Google Earth this morning and we couldn't find it. One guy told us that it was close to China but then a woman said that it was near Russia. Secondly, what's with Mongolia? Are they communist, are they our friends, or are they part of the Axis of Evil? Please tell us because we're wondering. I once ate at a restaurant called the, 'Mongolian Grill,' and it actually wasn't bad but, it in itself, is not the kind of place you'd remember two years later..."
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