Another boatload of

Computer engineers and comedy screenwriters leave Toronto Harbour for a better life elsewhere. 

There will be some confusion this Halloween: Michael Ignatieff is dressing up like Batman. But both Stephan Dion and Bob Rae are going as Robin.

Happy Birthday! The National Post was first published on this day in 1998.

It was a good paper when it had all of Conrad Black's money behind it. Now he's in jail and it's used by paperboys to keep the Globe and Mail dry in wet weather.

Hockey Bear Kills!

A bear on skates from the Russian State Circus has killed a person. A director who was visiting the bear in Bishkak, Kyrgyzstan was mauled. This brings to attention how some bears are trained to play hockey to entertain crowds. The attack was a result of animal cruelty. Playing hockey is what the Toronto Maple Leafs are for. Leave the bears alone! Granted, they may be better at hockey than the Leafs, but that's no excuse to exploit them.

Harper Sings

In a bizarre attempt to shore up votes for the NDP, P.M. Stephen Harper sang, 'With A Little Help From My Friends' to a packed house national arts gala. El Canadu predicts that Liberal leader Iggy will respond. Based on what we've seen from Conservative attack ads, Iggy will do a rendition of, 'Born in the USA' within the next week. As long as NDP leader Jack Layton stays away from anything by Queen or Elton John, he is guaranteed a majority government.
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