Jews Bad Mouth Hitler Ice Cream!

From The Jewish Business News...

If you live in India and really hate the Jews while liking sweet cold snacks in the summer then you are in luck. Some very sensitive people there are marketing a new brand of ice cream simply called Hitler...

...The irony here is that Indians certainly fit into the category of people which Hitler labeled sub-human and fit only for slave labor or death.

It's like when you're 7 and you ask your mommy who Hitler was and she says he wanted to take over the entire world and kill everyone who didn't have blond hair and blue eyes.

Flood Sweden With White South African Refugees!

Since many Swedes have discovered that race is a social construct, here's a petition calling for the EU to let in all white South Africans.

Concordia University: Immigration Nation

The Spring Issue 2015 of the Concordia University Magazine has an article, Immigration Nation, about professors at this institution dedicated to the socialization of Eurocanadians into accepting mass immigration and ensuring there is no dissent over its "benefits". There is nothing unusual about this article; in all university flyers, magazines, and administrative statements, diversity is promoted ad nauseam. The subjects of the other articles in this issue, besides touting Concordia as the most vibrant university for students, are about LGBTQ, "importance of gay-straight alliances", "countering discrimination", "homophobic acts". Everyone photographed has a sheep-like smile. This is such a wonderful place, a world of "very bright and diverse students" with edgy researchers opening new vistas for the human race.

Let's take a look at some of Concordia's researchers.