The Cultural Marxist Conspiracy That All Of Your Teachers Knew About

In 1989 the teachers at Cameron Heights in Kitchener, Ontario, went to a PD meeting.

At the same time that communism was falling apart in Europe the Canadian government started letting in hundreds of thousands of immigrants a year.

In 1990 rap music suddenly went mainstream and blacks were very heterosexual.

To date AIDS has killed 30 million.

At the PD meeting they learned that Hollywood would begin to focus on the Holocaust and high school history classes would do the same thing.

The public thought that going on about Holocaust denial was a way to fight racism.

The teachers were told that boys with freckles are antagonized in grades two and three by girls. Teen girls are more gay positive than boys because they take their aggression out on boys who don't fit in in childhood. So high school would create a second childhood for boys with dark complexions where they would bully those who had freckles so that they'd eventually pay it forward and be gay positive later in life.

The teens involved in this weren't supposed to know what they were doing. If you have contempt for somebody because you view them as a loser you aren't doing anything wrong.

They took apart better looking boys with freckles and since they didn't think they were doing anything wrong found it amusing if the fatter ones acted gay.

20 years later teens now have LGBT meetings in school. Kids in those meetings think they're preventing bullying and have no idea what went on at their schools over the past 30 years.

Boys with normal features who have dark hair and eyes are largely ignored by girls in grade 3. Knowing that they didn't have anything to compensate for they sucked in their chest and realized Hitler was bad and became even more conservative.

And many of the kids who went on shooting sprees looked like they belonged at a Ron Paul convention, too...

I think Dylan Roof had a lot in common with the Ron Paul supporters because he probably wasn't willing to hang around with blond guys who were better looking than him and probably also thought that redheads were gay.

How The School Boards Extended Childhood Developmental Psychology To Turn Ontario Gay

In the 90s the Waterloo County School Board kept almost all of the blacks in remedial. After the homophobia created by AIDS America turned up the volume on black culture in 1990 and some white guys started acting black to be heterosexual. Those guys were all also in remedial: The males in advanced dressed like they were going to a Ron Paul convention.

All humans are attracted and repulsed to each other. Girls in kindergarten and grade 3 like boys. They like boys who are very perfect looking who have bright hair or blue eyes. They don't like boys with dark complexions and big noses.

And boys with brown hair and eyes and normal features are usually left alone by girls.

Everything about childhood developmental psychology was suppressed as society focused on fighting racism by going on and on about the Holocaust and Holocaust denial. With the homophobia created by AIDS males had a lot to compensate for.

Now that the population was being darkened what kind of boys do girls like when they were in grade 3? Boys that look like this...

And in high school what kinds of boys did Asians and South Asians have a great deal of respect for when they were 15? Boys that look like this...

All you had to do to be moral at my high school was realize that Hitler was bad and that the Germans gassed 9 million people in WW2. With the help of Steven Spielberg's movies South Asians were especially picked on as kids. As unattractive South Asian girls killed themselves, South Asian guys vented at their new found Nazi oppression. As rap music suddenly went mainstream fat black guys were quickly alienated from normal-looking black teens. Boys with freckles were the first to make friends with 1rst generation immigrants. With their new found morality kids took all of their frustrations out on them and payed it forward by letting uglier kids get away with anything.

From 1987 to 1997 the drug addicts in Kitchener, Ontario got younger and better-looking. That didn't have anything to do with the proliferation of crack cocaine here. It had everything to do with Hitler/Holocaust.

As boys made egotistical idiots out of themselves the girls knew that men had been Nazis and they let the boys who they had picked on in grade 3 rant and rage or have relationships with younger girls in lower grades. As the fewer skinny blond boys got more attention and became egotistical and vain the girls who had liked them in elementary school now had contempt for them.

The school boards needed good-looking boys to be openly gay to make homosexuality socially acceptable. A lot of unreported teen suicide went into making that possible.

How did you get gay positive? Was it by watching Seinfeld and Schindler's List while flooding the country with people from the 3rd World?

Dear Warren Kinsella

I want to start a new political party that'll get David Duke and Farakhan to work together.

When I was in high school 95% of the black kids were in remedial. Nobody knew because other schools that were whiter or blacker than mine produced more blacks going to university.

When AIDS became a thing they over medicated black kids with Ritalin to prevent them from showing up at high school and trying to get into university. It was all done so the school boards could produce Jian Ghomeshi and Naheed Nenshi. Where were the Slavic guys who were first generation immigrants who looked like them and were gay positive?

Realizing that the Holocaust happened and Germans did nothing to prevent it was important in getting normal-looking skinny teenage boys with brown and black hair to realize that they were never racist because they don't have anything to compensate for because they don't have freckles. And a lot of fat guys are gay positive today because they were so moral or because other guys wanted to sit in a classroom with them infront of  beautiful women.

So many good-looking boys with dark hair and freckles dead. And 70% of the gay redheads were the product of the devolution of their developmental psychology. But one redhead was smart enough to go to the University of Ottawa when it was still 94% white

AIDS homophobia meant conformity. I don't think a lot of boys that looked like Justin Bieber who had A averages listened to Run-DMC in the 1980s. Hollywood could make a movie about it to prove otherwise.

The purpose of the party will be to win an election and then gas the Hollywood Jews and educators with Zyklon-B. We'll leave regular Jews alone as they do not have jobs in Hollywood yet. And this time none of the gas will be used for delousing so future historians can't argue about what happened.

So are you in?

Breaking: Dylan Roof Is A Fag!

Hitler/Holocaust was about extending childhood developmental psychology to boost certain types of people into university.

I was in high school when Seinfeld was a new show. In grade 10 my English teacher was black. I felt embarrassed that there wasn't a black person in the class.

The English class was advanced and the blacks (except for the ones with the highest averages) were kept in remedial.

It's hard for any of the students to articulate because every place has a different demographic. The biggest victims of Hitler/Holocaust were fat black guys, tiny black ones, skinny guys with dark hair/freckles. If you went to school with a lot of Asians you wouldn't have wanted to be an unattractive South Asian girl, a fat black girl, or an unattractive white girl with freckles.

Sometimes a few might get boosted if they met the right groups of people.

A fat black guy going to a whiter school or living in a whiter town would usually benefit from how rap music went mainstream in the 1990s.

Everything about childhood developmental psychology was repressed and watching TV made people think their own past was filled with infinite possibilities.

All kids with freckles go out and make friends with non-whites and a huge rate. The reason why...

The natural enemy of a redhead kid with blue eyes is anybody with green eyes. If I saw a kid that looked exactly like me with brown hair and green eyes and freckles all over his body I'd be nauseated. Girls are disgusted by boys so boys play it forward and backward. If a girl liked me for 3 minutes in grade 2 she'd turn around and hate me. But she'd also be disgusted with the green-eyed freckled boy more than me and it's that interaction which makes boys in grades 1 to 3 friends with each other.

Kids who are minorities take advantage of this and their first friends are boys with freckles at a school that's majority white.

The biggest reason I had a lot of good-looking blond friends is because people who are attracted to them were repulsed by me.

Some teachers were convinced that the students didn't know this. Thin boys with freckles have stronger developmental psychology than a guy who looks like Charlie Sheen. More than psychology the demographics around them, childhood antagonism, and who they hang around with determines what they act like.

By the time Hitler/Holocaust began the South Asians and some of the Asian guys at my school were tired of the types of people that reminded them of who they hung around with in elementary school.

Most of what happened happened on a subconscious level. When they Hitler/Holocaust a school the biggest racists and homophobes do well and they often take that energy and turn it into harassing one person. Since they are venting they aren't doing anything wrong so they pay it forward and backward, tearing apart a person with freckles and then being nice to another person with freckles. With multiple groups of people doing the same reality warps around the individual in question.

And that's how North America got gay. Thank you Asians for all looking the same and minorities in general for liking blonde hair more than I did.

Much of the homosexuality now a days can be attributed to the break down of childhood developmental psychology. In the '90s normal gay guys got disgusted and went to BC or joined the grunge movement. In America some of them went on shooting sprees.

This guy's problem was that he didn't interact much with blonds or boys with freckles growing up and he wanted a blond boyfriend but all he could get was a redhead or a black guy. Don't tell him I said that.
India has been described as the most racist country in the world. Blacks and Asians who have gone there have been given a hard time.

It's probably because the people who fit in in India are doing the racism.


Could somebody from the Waterloo School Board phone up Mr. Glebe and tell him that the Soviets didn't have the atomic bomb in WW2? And also call up Heesacker to remind him that he can go to the library and look up whether New Zealand went bankrupt in the 1980s. And that Paul Martins' first name is Paul and not Jean.

After Hitler/Holocausting POC And Teen LGBT Into Being, Salon Is Saying, 'What's With All The White Kids Going On Shooting Sprees?'

An article in Salon pointed toward all of the white male Protestants who've gone on shooting sprees.

Here's a screenshot of the list...

Salon is at war with the Protestants now!

Instead of just compiling a list for visual effect, they should do more research.

While the media made out that the Columbine Massacre was carried out by two Neo Nazis, one was of Jewish heritage and the other had been dating a Jew.

The Aurora Theater Massacre was carried out by a man who is now a Muslim so he can further associate himself with other nutcases while he's in prison...

Wikipedia says that Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook) had previously attended a Catholic school which probably means he's Catholic and not Protestant.

Roseburg was carried out by somebody who could have been one of President Obama's sons...

Mixed race
The website Criminal Minds Wiki says that the man who carried out the San Ysidro shooting had attended a Catholic college.

And Wikipedia states that Charles Whitman, who carried out the Austin shooting, was from a devout Catholic family.

That's another piece of shoddy journalism from Salon.

For more info on why people go on shooting sprees stop reading Salon and check out my post on Seth Rogen.

AIDS: The Disease That Destroyed White America...

...Was No Friend To Blacks Or Gays, Either

The movies, 'Philadelphia,' and, 'Schindler's List,' both came out the same year.

Philadelphia has received a lot of attention from the media: It's often been said that it was the first big budget Hollywood film to deal with AIDS and homophobia.

When it's constantly referred to like this many people will believe that it was the very first movie to deal with those topics. It wasn't.

Why did Hollywood deserve accolades for waiting 12 years after AIDS became a news story to make a major production about it?

Now when I look at what conspiracy theorists are saying about AIDS on the internet, they're divided into two camps: That the government invented it to do away with Blacks and Gays or that it is really a harmless retrovirus and pharmaceutical companies are making millions fighting a disease that isn't there.

What, 'Philadelphia,' did was make it impossible for people to say that AIDS came about because some homosexuals were being too promiscuous. This had been a common argument in the 1980s.

Some people think that 9/11 was an inside job. Some people think that the Apollo moon landing was staged. And others think that AIDS is a man-made disease...

It's like every decade in the late 20th Century had it's own theme. 1970 was the first year that gays were seen on sitcoms. Almost every major TV show in the '70s dealt with LGBT topics.

The 1980s were ultra-conservative as a backlash to the freewheeling '70s. The 1980s were ultra-conservative in reaction to AIDS.

After all of the homophobia a flu-like virus that was killing gays created, by 1990 journalists toned down their coverage of it. And 1990s sitcoms portrayed a world where people were gay and there wasn't any homophobia.

More than anything else these TV shows effected the thinking of teen boys.

1970 was the first years homosexuals appeared on TV shows in a sympathetic light. In 1990 blacks went from being moderately cool to ultra cool. With all the new attention black teens suddenly alienated other blacks who didn't fit in. After all of the homophobia AIDS had created blacks were suddenly very heterosexual.

I had a very Eurocentric education. For some reason we never learned anything about countries like India or what Natives lived like before Europeans arrived here. Then, by high school, people in advanced were hit by easy bird classes about the Holocaust while TV and movies went on about the same thing. White guys with dark hair and eyes became increasingly conservative and with Seinfeld and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air on TV everything was a joke.

Ron Paul was very popular with a lot of college kids. Ron Paul supporters are people who wanted to keep America white. Try to find a college-aged Ron Paul supporter with blue or green eyes...

Unlearning racism by spending hours going on about Nazis seemed to make sense at the time. In reality what was happening is that all of the homophobia that was created by AIDS was being downloaded onto skinny boys with dark hair and freckles when they started high school in grade 9 or 10. With multiple groups of people doing variations of the same thing things were impossible to articulate.

"...In the 1970s when sex was safe."

If people engage in anal sex there's an exchange of blood. You should go back in time to Paris in the 1920s and tell them you're going to spend the next year engaging in anal sex with lots of multiple partners and they'll no doubt tell you that you'll get some new, strange disease and die.

So isn't it strange how the movie Philadelphia came out the same year as Schindler's List?

For every Aids patient in Germany or Sweden there were six more in America. Here's the reason why:

A Response To This Blog Post On Reddit...

My reply...

I was in high school in the 1990s in Ontario, Canada. I had a very Eurocentric education and then, starting in grade 11, was hit by easy classes about the Holocaust, Holocaust denial, videos of Jews being genocided.

Thin guys with dark eyes and hair became increasingly conservative.

There wasn't anybody who was openly gay at my high school. Teachers sent their kids to the whitest schools around.

After all of the homophobia AIDS created they started Hitler/Holocausting students.

Many kids freckle in grade 3. Kids with freckles would rather hang around with minorities than other kids with freckles at first. In grade 3 it's worse than having bad acne in high school.

All of the homophobia created by AIDS was downloaded onto better looking guys with freckles. Boys with Justin Bieber's complexion can't do the Holocaust because they don't have anything to compensate for.

In the 1990s many teachers would say that the media doesn't report on teen suicide because they don't want to encourage copycats. Now, within the past 5 years, they've started (in Canada) reporting on gay teens killing themselves.

In 20 years Europeans will be a minority in Ontario. Homophobia is what did it.

Europe's Mass Immigration Is Creating A Dangerous Gender Imbalance

As millions of asylum seekers flee the deepening crisis in the Middle East, an American researcher has urged Europe to preserve natural gender balances when considering which refugees to accept.

According to the UNHCR, 58 per cent of the more than 1 million migrants and refugees who arrived in Europe last year were adult men, 17 per cent were women, and the remainder were children.

Professor Valerie Hudson, a Texas A&M University professor, said gender imbalances could cause serious problems in the community.

She said societies where men outnumbered women were more susceptible to higher levels of violence, insurgence and mistreatment of women.
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