Sunday, November 23, 2014

Al Jazeera On Swedish Racism

"Last month, I went to Stockholm on a reporting trip. The city seemed idyllic: bicycles aplenty standing unlocked outside at night, Volvos with their doors open and engines running, and not a cigarette butt in sight. In trendy Hornstull, bearded bros high-fived each other over Brooklyn craft beers. But everyone, it seemed, was white..."

Al Jazeera is based out of Qatar which is officially the richest country in the world and is currently inventing new and more efficient forms of human slavery as we speak...

The Birth Of Cultural Marxism

Karl Jaspers, the Axial Age, and a Common History for Humanity

By Ricardo Duchesne

From the nineteenth century through the 1960s and 70s, World History books did recognize the varying accomplishments of all civilizations in the world, but most authors and teachers took for granted the fact that Europeans deserved more attention particularly in view of their irrefutable influence on the rest of the world after their discovery of the Americas, development of modern science and global spread of modern technology.

But this Western-oriented teaching was increasingly rejected by historians who felt that all the peoples of the earth deserved equal attention. A major difficulty confronted this feeling: how can a new history of all humans — "universal" in this respect — be constructed in light of the clear pre-eminence of Europeans in so many fields?

It soon became apparent that the key was to do away with the idea of progress, which had become almost synonymous with the achievements of the West. The political climate was just right, the West was at the center of everything that seemed wrong in the world and in opposition to everything that aspired to be good: the threat of nuclear destruction, the prolonged Vietnam War, the rise of pan-Arabic and pan African identities, the "liberation movements" in Latin America, the Black civil rights riots, the women's movement.

More than anything, the affluent West was at the center of a world capitalist system wherein the rest of the world seemed to be systematically "underdeveloped" at the expense of the very "progression" of the West. Millions of students were being taught that the capitalist West, in the words of Karl Marx, had progressed to become master of the world "dripping from head to foot, from every pore, with blood and dirt".

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Human Rights Commission Finally Gets A Legitimate Case!

And it's not a made up one!

It's also not a lesbian and a comedian getting into a swearfest or somebody who thinks they were denied beer at the liquor store because they have a status card.

Here it is...

Winnipeg teen with dwarfism takes bullies to human rights commission

The mother of a Winnipeg teen who says he's constantly bullied at school is overwhelmed by the support she and her son have received since going public with their story.

Her 15-year-old son, David Hanuschuk, has dwarfism — a genetic condition that limits his growth — and says he has been tormented by fellow students since Kindergarten.

Lisa Funk said it was difficult to come forward, but the positive reaction has been helpful.

"It definitely boosts my courage, because I was so on the fence about doing this, just because we are so private," she said. "Having so much support has given us a boost to keep going, and one of my friends did say, 'you've gone this far, keep going.'"

No Politician Ever Campaigned On The Promise That Mass Immigration And Globalization Would Mean A Decline In The Standard Of Living...

For nearly 20 years, Darrell Eberhardt worked in an Ohio factory putting together wheelchairs, earning $18.50 an hour, enough to gain a toehold in the middle class and feel respected at work.

He is still working with his hands, assembling seats for Chevrolet Cruze cars at the Camaco auto parts factory in Lorain, Ohio, but now he makes $10.50 an hour and is barely hanging on. “I’d like to earn more,” said Mr. Eberhardt, who is 49 and went back to school a few years ago to earn an associate’s degree. “But the chances of finding something like I used to have are slim to none.”

Even as the White House and leaders on Capitol Hill and in Fortune 500 boardrooms all agree that expanding the country’s manufacturing base is a key to prosperity, evidence is growing that the pay of many blue-collar jobs is shrinking to the point where they can no longer support a middle-class life.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Don't You Wish Rob Ford Was Still Mayor?

So the trannies had a flag day a city hall, and true to form it went insane. A tranny stole the special tranny flag, then trannies started fighting other trannies, because the trannies of colour or some such felt excluded by the white privileged trannies or something, there was a clip of an altercation on CP24. However we’ll just have to do with the Star’s coverage until and if I can locate it.

John Tory attended in a bid to be declared mayor of all the trannies which is pretty much what everyone elected him to be after all, so you can count this as the high water mark of his nascent administration. He won over George “Party Drug” Smitherman, which may count for something in a special circle of hell somewhere. It’s all downhill for John from here though, he was accused of being disrespectful to Tranny Day by stating he was “Happy to be here”.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Girlification Of America Continues Unabated!

Ten Year Old Suspended For Imaginary Ray Gun

In a now all too familiar scenario, a 5th grader has been suspended in Massachusetts after pointing an imaginary gun and saying “pow”.

Ten year old Nickolas Taylor was suspended for two days by officials at Stacy Middle School in Milford, following the incident which took place in the school cafeteria.

Nickolas, who has no history of bad behaviour, is said to have cut in line at the lunch queue and “mouthed laser sounds” coming from an imaginary ray gun, otherwise identified as his own finger, pointed at other students in the line.

The Whitest State In America

The sitcom, 'How I Met Your Mother,' about white people living in NYC, would have you believe that Minnesota is 98% white and populated by 7-foot-tall hockey playing dumb guys.

This just in...

Two white females attacked in racially motivated hate crimes in St. Paul, MN:

Is walking while white now a transgression worthy of a beating? Yes, according to 32-year-old Ebony Steward who faces felony assault charges after she punched two women for being white in a black neighborhood.

The idiocy of Steward’s actions are illustrated by the fact that one of the victims wasn’t even white – she was a light skinned black woman.

The two incidents happened in St. Paul on November 14. The first woman was punched in the face by Steward as she was exiting a nail salon, leaving her with swelling and bruising around her left eye. According to MyFox9, the attack was motivated by the fact that Steward “doesn’t like light-skinned people” (even if they are actually black) and can’t stand it when “bitches” are in her way.

Police were called but did not arrest Steward, merely asking her to leave the scene.

However, a short time later Steward launched another assault on University Avenue. “According to the complaint, when they arrived, they saw a woman later identified as Steward pull a woman to the ground in a parking lot and start punching her. Witnesses told officers there was no apparent reason for the violence.”

The second victim, a white woman, received blows to the back of the head and neck. Police arrested Steward and on the way to Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center, she admitted to officers that she assaulted the woman because she’s a “white girl in the hood.”

“Get that white bitch out of my yard, out of the hood,” said Steward, before repeatedly stating that she hated white people. She subsequently claimed that she was “helping” the woman by attacking her “because she would probably come across someone who knew how to punch better or someone who might kill her,” states the complaint.

Steward, who has six previous assault convictions stretching back to 2005, faces up to five years in prison.

The phenomenon of the mainstream media obsessing over incidences of white on black crime while virtually ignoring black on white assaults is an issue that has come to the fore since the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman controversy.

Bill Cosby: America's Jian Ghomeshi

How could you, Mr. Black American dad of the 1980s?

The Cosby show (and 227) were the last TV shows white people watched featuring normal black families. After the movie 'Schindler's List' came out you had to be a 20-year-old rapper living in Bel Air or a scrawny little dweeb named Urkel to be black and on TV.

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