Proving That Cultural Marxism Is Real. I Should Hire Warren Kinsella And Richard Warman To Sue The Waterloo Regional School Board...

In the early 1990s there was a woman who traveled from school board to school board giving teachers a pep talk regarding how the Nazis and holocaust had become an extremely large part of high school education in Ontario. She'd say, "This is going to be great. Some students might be at a disadvantage but it'll finally give others the opportunity to fit in for the first time."

The Waterloo District School Board: We Like Fucking With The Minds Of Teenagers

1989 - As communism in Europe falls apart Canada, under the Mulroney government, starts letting in 100 000s of immigrants. But there are already a lot of minority students for us to work within KW!

1989 - High school year books revert to black and white to make all students look the same. If you're a secular Arab born here you're white now! If you're black you're still black.

1989 - We introduce serious courses like Religion, Political Science, and Canadian Studies which are about how to prevent the holocaust from happening again.

1989 - We start teaching hardcore that the Germans murdered 9 million in concentration camps and made lampshades out of their bodies. For some reason it makes East Indians white and Asians sorta white but blacks even blacker.

1998 - More kids commit suicide.

2008 - Let's wear pink to stop high school bullying!

Adolf Hitler...

1970s/Early 1980s: Lots of White 20-year-old men engage in anal sex with each other.

Dressing up in  pink to prevent high school bullying is introduced for all of the white kids who don't have any brothers or sisters.

I went to high school with a guy named Sean Mootrey. I didn't know him that well because he was in the grade ahead of me.

He was a nice guy. He's now openly gay.

I also went to high school with something called Dr. Haider Saeed. I've never had a conversation with him.

It's hard becoming a doctor. Some people need a boost.

I went to Laurier for a year. I did three years at the U of Ottawa.

Dr. Haider Saeed also went to Laurier.

It was in high school that Dr. Haider Saeed discovered that men with red hair and freckles were causing him insurmountable racism and they wanted to kill him because he was so beautiful. Often he would rant about it in tears.

To make up for these episodes he'd sit in class and go on loudly about how he did volunteer work.

Sean is now a teacher. He's probably lifelong friends with Dr. Haider Saeed.

Dr. Haider was around two years older than me but he looked like he was 28. Sometimes he made out with girls who were in grade nine on my locker because he suddenly realized that I envy him. They looked like they were 12.

So ask Sean if sometimes redheads were gay because they wanted to trade places with a thing of beauty like Dr. Haider Saeed. And whether Dr. Haider would leave the school with three 14-year-old girls and a pious Christian girl everyday.

High school went on for five years in Ontario and some people were so moral that they didn't see age differences.

You could hear Dr. Haider shriek as you walked down the hallway. He was against freckles in men but not so much in girls. He didn't like the Irish or the Germans because they hated him because they were so ugly. At Laurier an aspiring poet named Matt Swaggart and an airhead with fading freckles named Andrew Kirkwood went along with everything he said.

I don't know Andrew Kirkwood personally but I project that upon hearing the news that Northern Europeans would become minorities in their own countries and that Sean is gay he started voting for Stephen Harper.

Dr. Haider would rant that I was spineless but he'd never say anything to my face.

Thank-you Laurier for graduating something that at least claimed to be gay positive.

Dr. Haider should try fitting in in Japan or at least Iran.

What got Dr. Haider started was when a half-Turkish flirt liked me but then went out with a nearsighted guy in special ed who'd get into yelling matches with teachers and also spent seven years in high school.

I can assure you that when 7 year high school guy ranted about me behind my back he was even less coherent than Dr. Haider.

He's probably a pharmacist today.

In the 1990s, After teaching and teaching high school students that the Germans systematically murdered 9 million and turned their bodies into lampshades, there was never any mention that Churchill and a lot of Ashkenazi Jews were ginger.

It was then that I realized that that redheaded war criminal Winston Churchill killed a lot of those redheaded German Jews through saturation bombing which caused typhus but decided not to say much about it lest Warren Kinsella come to my house at night and go through the garbage.

Some Americans read my blog!

Before Ron Paul retired he had armies of college students supporting him.

If you were a young male Ron Paul supporter you probably had brown hair. You looked like Justin Bieber or were an average looking skinny guy. You had an all-American last name like Blake or Bauer. And while you and your friends had brown hair you asserted that you liked blonde women.

I think it had something to do with Hitler and the Holocaust.

In the 1990s in Canada we had the Reform Party. They didn't ever seem to have any active clubs on campus in Ontario. They were a bunch of stuck up jerks.

Now listen here you Preston Manning wannabe pricks: In the 1990s making jokes about how Leonardo DiCaprio is gay is not OK! He's a German with an Italian last name which may constitute the majority of Americans in 1960 but he also has blond hair which makes him pretty great.

He may be a liberal freak but the reason he is is because when he was 8 he was antagonized by girls and had more female friends because he was so damn good-looking. That 9/11 conspiracy theorist Charlie Sheen wasn't antagonized much and was popular with guys. He never got picked on by Portuguese bullies because he's sorta Poc just sorta like them.

And then it's funny that after Ron Paul retires everyone in America supports gay marriage.

And the biggest asshole you know is the guy who said he liked Ron Paul but five years later voted for Obama.

I, myself, joined the Young Liberals. By 28 I looked like this...

1990-2008: Teachers and profs telling you that LGBT youth have the highest suicide rate.

1990-2008: High school teachers telling you that the media doesn't report on teen suicide because they don't want to encourage copycats.


How Charlie Hebdo Found Out That Racism Is A Social Construct...

We French we are -how you say?- more advanced than the American.

Even in World War 2 we had the black man singing jazz en Paris.

But since the Algerian all look the same they used to do everything we tell them to do. Then the Marxist they say this had been colonial. So we let the Algerian in the France and some say everything go merde.

But nobody care dare is 3000 Afghan being hanged in Iran. It's not racist cause the Iran people and the Afghan all look the same. Not white. Cause white people is racist day are.

2007: Some Quebec Unions want to take bloggers to the Human Rights Commission for saying that Quebec is being flooded by immigrants and the school boards are feminizing youth.

In high school in the 1980s 90% of guys were straight and 10% of them were gay. But there was so much homophobia because of all of the media coverage surrounding AIDs that nobody could come out of the closet and say they were gay.

Educators entered schools and told kids it was OK to be gay and that homophobia was bad and over the course of 20 years homosexuality became more socially acceptable.

If that's what you believe then you're a fucktard who voted for Kathleen Wynne to make up for the fact that you went on about 'fags' in the 1980/90s.

Or did something else.

When liberals talk about the beautiful changing face of Canada they don't even acknowledge the teen suicide that went into it.

My home room teacher was Mrs. Fretz-Wall at Courtland Avenue Public School. She probably went to a Waterloo Regional School Board meeting and with tears in her eyes said: "I teach a girl named Rajinder who can't speak English and dresses poor and she's tormented by every student in the class except for this red headed kid who likes Brian Mulroney."

When I was in elementary school they had an ESL class for kids who couldn't speak English. In middle school they suddenly believed in immersion for some reason. This whole process really benefited white kids with nationalities Jian Ghomeshi and Rahim Jaffer and the ones I went to high school with who were born in Canada.

By the time I was in high school there wasn't an on-campus prom for some reason. You had the choice of going to the private unofficial prom or the unofficial unofficial prom.

At the University of Waterloo in the 1990s you should have asked engineering students that fit in like Jian or Rahim about 14/15-year-old Northern European kids when they were 18+. A lot of them had been fitting in pretty good with them and it had a lot to do with the movie, 'Schindler's List,' and how everyone was getting worked up about how all Germans knew the holocaust was happening but did nothing to prevent it.

While I think Hitler was a pretty bad because he killed people I never liked the movie, 'Schindler's List,' because I'm not into historical comedies along the lines of Indiana Jones and all of the East Indian bug eating and Nazi Hinduism that went on there.

Steven Spielberg was a good director. He was also responsible for the suicides of many teens.

Teaching the graphic murderousness of genocide to combat racism can be pretty bad as teen boys are so smart they can figure out they have nothing to compensate for.

And then also there's this...

While white North Americans started to look more like this...

The script for a one man show.
The persons and events in this play are quotes of things said but all of the names have been changed in the interests of privacy. Or maybe not.
(Ned Pullen walks onto an almost empty stage. He stands next to a small table with a glass of water on it. He takes a sip of water and places the glass down. He suddenly shouts)…
Ned: Kitchener, Ontario! KCI, 1992!
(We hear the sound of a Chinese gong).
Ned: Pink rabbit, pink rabbit. Are you a pink rabbit? Pink rabbit. Pink rabbit. Pink rabbit, pink rabbit. Pink rabbit? Are you a pink rabbit? Pink rabbit. Pink rabbit.
(Ned pauses to take another sip of water).
Ned: You know what’s cool? There’s an urban legend that back in the 1980s there were some guys from KCI who went to Victoria Park with baseball bats and beat up fags.
(Ned pauses for another sip of water and then laughs)…
There’s a girl that I don’t go to high school with named Shelby who was starving herself to lose weight so she fell over and almost went into a coma.
(Now we hear a flowery feminine voice from offstage…)
Mathew: I hope she dies.
(Ned pauses for another sip of water).
Ned: My dad’s older and boring.
(He suddenly looks excited).
Ned: Jake’s dad does stuff with his kids.
(Now Ned slowly spins around in a circle. He hear the Chinese gong three times. He shouts…)
Ned: 1993, 1994!
(He stops to take another sip of water).
Ned: Rob honked his horn at Alex and Alex gave him the finger. Alex isn’t talking to any of the guys who live around the park anymore. Alex wants to become a psychiatrist to be like Frasier.
(Ned takes another sip of water).
Ned: Do you remember Rarjinder? Phew she smelt! I don’t like Jason: He’s one of those vain, prissy pretty boys!
(Again Ned spins in a circle. The gong goes three times).
Ned: 1999!
(Ned takes a sip of water. He then looks frightened).
Ned: I’m not gay. I’m not gay. I’m not gay. I’m not gay. I’m not gay! I watch porn with my girlfriends. I’m not gay, I’m not gay. I’m not gay! Jeremy #1 is an anti-Semite: He’s the most anti-Semitic person that I’ve ever known. I’m not gay. I’m not gay. I’m thinking about running for the communist party. Jake’s mom may still be alive: The Sauer’s are spending the weekend digging her up.
(Again Ned spins in a circle. The gong goes three times).
Ned: 2000!
(Ned takes a sip of water. Now his eyes get really big, he leans forward with a grin on his face and his pupils are dilated).
Ned: Jakes getting married?!? Jakes buying a house!?! When I get married I’m going to be a stay-at-home husband!!!
(Ned takes a sip of water).
Ned: Ladies and gentlemen: Both of my parents work for the Waterloo County School Board. When I was in high school my class schedule looked like this: World Issues, Political Science, English. I majored in fitting in and preventing the holocaust from happening again.

The End

The Jews Control Canada...

Last night I drank 3 La Fin Du Mondes. As most Quebeckers know if you drink 3 within the span of 20 minutes you can astral project anywhere you want in the world or in history.

I went back to Ottawa in 1988. I saw both former Prime Ministers Brian Mulroney and John Turner in the Rideau Centre trying on winter coats.

Strange men smoking cigars were near them ready to pay for their new coats. Some of them were Jews and others were from the Big Tobacco Lobby.

John Turner said to Brian: "Look at my new coat! Isn't it awesome?"

And Brian said: "Come on: Let's go outside to throw snowballs at each other and make snow angels to make sure our new coats are waterproof."

As they left the Jews and Big Tobacco paid the bill.

But then I saw NDP leader Ed Broadbent. He timidly approached the counter and, in the 1980s, Canadians used handfuls of red 2 dollar bills to pay for purchases. So he pulled some out of his pocket and asked the man behind the counter whether he had enough to buy himself a new coat, too.

The man counted and said: "I'm sorry sir, this is only $12. It's not enough for a new coat."

So Broadbent moped away. The communist lobby had promised him a new car but it was being specially built in Sverdlovsk and wouldn't be ready for another 10 years. The union lobby had given him an East German watch but when he went to wind it the hands fell off.

But other members of parliament also saw Mulroney and Turner's new coats and they wanted their fair share, too. And there are hundreds of different lobbyists around! Just ask Warren Kinsella or Ezra Levant.

Some are pretty powerful!

And just because it's alleged that the Jews look like this when no one's looking...

Doesn't mean they should be replaced by this...

If so then Northern European males need the big tobacco lobby back to give us free cigarettes to make us feel good about ourselves.

The moral of the story is that next election vote for the Jews and what's left of Big Tobacco because if you vote for Justin you don't know what kind of shit you're getting.

20 years after the movie, 'Schindler's List,' came out, things at the Toronto School Board have changed. While ideas about Jew killing were severely frowned upon then, new reports from the school yard show that nobody cares any more. Special interest groups got all that they wanted from the Holocaust and it appears that WW2 may have just ended.

I went to the University of Ottawa. The local uni for Kitchener is the University of Waterloo. The valedictorian of  my high school when I was in Grade 13 was an obese guy with green eyes who was covered with boils. An Ontario Liberal, he wanted the province to separate. He'd yell at people in class.  There were two redheads that went to the U of W: Both wore glasses: One was a scrawny little guy who breathed through his mouth the other was fat.

I'm under the impression that they all voted for Kathleen Wynne.

"Hello. My name is Mr. Currie: I'm a good-looking blond art teacher. I'm a failed artist. I like cheating on my wife with black women. Me and the school board have some important decisions to make about your kids. I got me white entitlement and the NDP coming right out of my asshole!"

"Did you ever notice in the 1990s how if you're going to one of the two large public high schools in downtown Kitchener by the time you're in Grade 12 you're sometimes sitting in class with 1 or 2 23-year olds? And also all the guys who did 7 years of high school? Some schools didn't even have a prom. At least those uptight Reform Party guys generally dated girls their own age. But a lot of other 18-year-olds were watching Schindler's List and banging 15-year-olds left right and center. If the shit hit the fan the 22-year-old with a 17-year-old girlfriend would be the fall guy to get in trouble for it. I'm sure that since Ron Paul has stepped down and everyone now believes in gay marriage 23-year-olds probably go to an adult school. But the Waterloo County Board of Education got some brown guys into good programs at the U of Waterloo who really liked white 14/15-year-olds. What's the deal with that? I think it's called multiculturalism and the changing face of Canada."

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