Monday, September 29, 2014

Australia Becomes An Asian Country

In trying to understand why Australia’s political leaders seem intent on ethnically transforming one of the world’s most stable, peaceful and prosperous nations I have suggested that this indicates hostility on the part of the country’s cultural elite. This has been evident for decades in the media and universities.[1] To understand what has caused this animus it is necessary first to describe its expression.

The Guy Who Replaced Jack Layton To Wear Name Tag

“Canadians deserve to know who their leaders are,” said the bearded NDP leader possibly named Tim or Tobey. “This is why I will make sure half of Canadians know my last name by 2016 and my full name by 2020. It all starts with this name tag.”

Sunday, September 28, 2014

North Korea Likely To Implode At Midnight Tonight!

Hitler was said to have been addicted
to a number of drugs including

Addiction is no laughing matter.

Up until recently North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-Un, represented manly vigour and prowess.

But now he has disappeared and rumours are that he is no longer one of the most beautiful men in the world.

Is he in a Thai opium den or has he gone into rehab in Europe?

It is believed that the great leader is suffering from gout because of his insatiable addiction to Swiss cheese.

Swiss cheese?

This can only mean that the laws of physics no longer apply in the hermit kingdom. Next it'll start raining frogs in Pyongyang and people will be walking and talking backwards.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Let's Play: What Country Is This ISIS Terrorist From?

Are you ready?


Let's go!

Where's he from?

Is he from:

1) Syria
2) Iraq
3) Britain

If you guessed Syria you're wrong. He's as British as Austin Powers.

Now where's this one from?

Is he from:

1) Syria
2) Iraq
3) Britain

Here's a hint:

He recently told CNN that:

"I'm from the south of England. I grew up in a middle class family. Life was easy back home. I had a life. I had a car. But the thing is: You cannot practice Islam back home. We see all around us evil. We see pedophiles. We see homosexuality. We see crime. We see rape."

Does he mean rapists and pedophiles like these ones?

Now here's a trick question:

Where's he from?

If you guessed Britain you're wrong! He's from Canada.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sometime ago Maclean's did a survey on who Canadians thought was the best Prime Minister.

They discovered that it is Wilfred Laurier.

Now I'd like to do a similiar poll asking the question, 'Who was Canada's sluttiest Prime Minister?' I've narrowed the choices down to three of the most obvious...

Arthur Meighen:

Louis St. Laurent:

And Pierre Trudeau:

Vote now:

Who was Canada's sluttiest Prime Minister? free polls

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Justin Trudeau Found A Way Out Of Answering Any Hard Questions From Sun News...

Ezra Levant went on a rant.


He questioned Justin's views on marriage and brought up who his parents were.

The CBC is reporting:

Trudeau's people have raised their concerns with Quebecor Inc., which owns the Sun News Network, and asked it to "consider an appropriate response," according to Purchase's statement. 

Trudeau will "not engage" with Sun Media until the matter is resolved, she wrote. 

Trudeau told reporters Tuesday that the statement expresses his stance well, but added that Sun Media's segment was "unacceptable and beyond the bounds of civil discourse."

That Justin's parents were drunken philanderers who slept with everything that moved is a matter of public record. At least in 1980 it was.


Today At The U.N.

And after a brief recess delegates will reconvene to hear Charlie Sheen's opinion on food aid to North Korea. But first a representative from Nepal would like to ask if anybody knows who Miley Cyrus is and what is, 'Twerking?'