University Of New Hampshire Releases Guide Book On Non-Discriminatory Speech

The University of New Hampshire has a, 'Bias-Free Language Guide.'

It contains the fact that saying, "Dogs smell funny," to a blind person is a micro-assault, verbal attack. Saying that the new foreign student is having language challenges is a micro-invalidation. Both of these examples are forms of aggression. (Update: It looks like they just deleted it so the link is from the Waybackmachine).

In other news there are still thousands of Afghans on death row in Iran on petty drug charges. This can't be considered racism by University of New Hampshire intellectuals because Iranians and Afghans all look the same. It's like how Putin clamping down on offering LGBT literature to minors was a scandal in the wake of the Olympics in Sochi when nobody cared about encouraging the gay movement in China when the Olympics had been in Beijing a few years earlier.

Now, in remembrance of all of the redheaded boys and boys with dark hair and freckles who were killed by the school boards when they Hitler/Holocausted LGBT into being, I'm going out to find a foreign student to ask them if they are having language challenges. I wonder if that will make them cry and go back to whatever country that still has human slavery or the plague that they came from.

Liberal Party Unveils New Strategy

Putting Justin's face on the side of a milk carton.

Justin Trudeau, the man who was supposed to lead Canada's Liberals out of the political wilderness, has instead sunk to third place just months from an election, with some in his party complaining he is missing in action.

Slavery: That American Thing

During the slave trade 90% of the blacks taken to the Americas were taken by the Spanish for their colonies in the Caribbean and South America.

More slaves went East than West. The Arabs castrated their male slaves so that they couldn't procreate. Explains why Malcolm X and Tupac Shakur weren't from Saudi Arabia. Means Innovation For Web 2.0

At we've been hard at work. The computer industry never sleeps and we strive to provide our customers with excellence.

The web is always changing and we're evolving with it.

We remain industry leaders in harassing Warren Kinsella. We've branched out into both sexual and subliminal harassment. The last one is great because he doesn't even know he's being harassed.

This is what we came up with today...

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