Saturday, October 25, 2014

Recent Canadian Inventions

Everybody in America probably already knows that Canada invented hockey, baseball, basketball, and insulin. Also penicillin. Plus the Avro Arrow.

But what are some more recent Canadian inventions? Here's a look at a few...

The HTT Plethore Supercar

The RIM Passport

And Suing People Through Twitter Over What They Said About You On Twitter To Stiffle Political Discourse

Welcome To

I now own the domain name '' which is the coolest domain name in all of Canada.

I'd be willing to sell it for $1 million dollars.

I desperately need the money as I'd like to rent a banquent hall and hire Justin Trudeau as the guest speaker. Then, instead of there being an audience, it would just be me with a pie which I'll throw in his face.

It would be money well spent.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Canada Makes A New Enemy: Geraldo Rivera

As Canadian ask: 'Who is Geraldo Rivera? Wasn't he Phil Donahue in the 1980s?' whoever he is has taken to Facebook to warn: “We should get over our obsession with penetrations by undocumented immigrants of the Mexican border and focus on the real threat from the Great White North. The danger is from Canada-based terrorists, not from Juan and Maria who just want to wash dishes, mow lawns, baby sit or work in the fields to make a better life for their children."

Only time will tell whether our Muslim terrorists are worse than America's Muslim terrorists. As the US becomes a Hispanic country and Canada becomes an East Indian/Asian country, we will soon find that we have less and less in common. I think it's called, 'White Privilege' or something.

Travel Advice Re: Human Brains

If you're still looking for human brains this Halloween, you might want to try Pakistan while the getting is still good. While blasphemy is punishable by death, that country is now thinking about making cannibalism illegal as two brothers have developed a taste for human curry.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

White and unemployed?

Find life meaningless?

Join the winning team!

You've heard of an awful religion on the news, learned about it in school, met all of those weird guys with dark complexions who are adherents of it.

Did you ever see scarey men speaking gibberish and waving bloody knives on Youtube and say to yourself, "I could do that, too?"

While Nazis and Communists tried to hide atrocities, ISIS is proud of being evil. They even have a terrifying black flag.

Act now: You can sign up on Twitter.

ISIS Comes To Canada

Ottawa has changed since Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau use to take long walks in the snow thinking up new ways to screw with Alberta. It's a lot different now from when, just a few years ago, Prime Minister Paul Martin would leave the House of Commons from the front door and go buy himself a pack of smokes.

It's called the Islamification of Canada.

White People Worse Than ISIS!

Bill Oddie, who starred in a British sitcom on the 1970s, was recently interviewed by the BBC for his views on immigration. He suggested that the British are a terrible race who should have less children to make room for more newcomers.

Meanwhile Matt Colwell, a rapper from Australia, says he identifies that country's flag with racism as men walk around with, "their tops off. They’re getting on the drink, they’ve got an Australian flag wrapped around their neck. I’ve seen it so many times. They just started yelling at taxi drivers, ‘Get out of our country, this is not your country."

In other news...

ISIS Beheads Man With Down Syndrome

ISIS Sells Women

ISIS Beheads Baby

ISIS's Christian Genocide

Monday, October 20, 2014

Travel Warning:

If your looking for human brains this Halloween take travelling to Uganda off your list. Their government is cracking down on cannibalism.