White Privilege White Genocide

When Liz Kendall raised the issue of white working-class underperformance in schools at the start of the Labour leadership election, it provoked some handwringing about singling one ethnic group out. But Kendall was right to do so: the performance of the white working-class in England’s schools is abject. While the performance of ethnic minorities in schools has improved markedly in the last decade, attainment by the white working-class has remained dire.

Eighty-three per cent of Chinese pupils on free school meals achieve five Cs or above in their GCSEs, yet just 35 per cent of white students on FSMs in England do – comfortably the lowest of any ethnic group.

Breaking: Luke Skywalker Is Gay Whereas E.T. Is Just Plain Ugly

I went to elementary school in the 1980s.

I was 8 when both E.T. and Return of the Jedi came out.

In 1983 my entire class went to the theater in the afternoon to see each film. It was a big deal for the poorer kids.

E.T. was banned in Scandinavian countries for anyone under 12 because it made kids trust strangers. But the Waterloo County School Board was hot on showing it to its students, anyway.

E.T. is a movie about an ugly, disgusting foreigner who can't speak any English and a boy who helps him phone home. It's a movie that really speaks to friendless freckle-faced boys.

There was a lot of homophobia in the 1980s. After Hollywood had suddenly popularized homosexuality in the 1970s a lot of men had been traversing America exchanging blood with each other and, unsurprisingly, a disease had broken out.

Return of the Jedi is about a gay guy who, to an 8-year-old, looks like a 12-year-old boy, and his two gay robots, one being a ginger. To an 8-year-old being in love with your sister is the worst form of homosexuality.

By 1989/90 America turned up the volume on black culture and the Hitler/Holocausting of students went into full effect.

I think it was Adolf Hitler who predicted that Marxist teachers would get together with Hollywood Jews to flood America with immigrants and turn white kids gay. I think he predicted that before he went insane because he was tricked into fighting a war he couldn't win on two fronts.

Canadian Mint Runs Out Of Ideas As To What To Put On Coins

Trying to compete with the Marshall Islands and their release of the Elvis Presley coin, Canada has put Bugs Bunny onto its mintage.

After I'm elected Hitler of Canada I pledge to design my own coins. There'll be one reminding people it's OK to call Rick Mercer a fag because he only declared himself gay to combat teen suicide when it became popular to do so. And there'll be another to commemorate that Sarah Polley is a stupid pasty-faced cracker bitch...

@philippocockart (Philip Pocock) Had Something To Say To Me On Twitter!

And with that Mr. Mary Poppins opened up his umbrella, blocked me on Twitter, and then flew away.

Sarah Polley Is A Pasty-Faced Cracker Bitch!

The fuckheads at the Toronto Star keep reading my blog.

I don't like their stupid communist paper because that other bitch Heather Mallick writes for them.

But this might just be the type of exposure I need to get my literary career off the ground.

I think Margaret Atwood just completed another great Canadian masterpiece. It's about a loom that get's handed down through generations of haberdashers in downtown Toronto. In it an old woman drives across Canada in a 1997 Lada Samara giving out cupcakes to strangers. And at the end children are heard chanting, "The loom, the loom."

Or she wrote something like that.

I have my own novel in progress. It's part semi-autobiographical. Also part fictional: It's about what it would be like if I grew up with Sarah Polley.

I call it: 'Sarah Polley is a Pasty-Faced Cracker Bitch!'

Here's what I have so far...

Chapter 1

When I was in kindergarten I was too stupid to know how sexy I was. I had red hair and would not have any freckles until grade two. But when I first saw Sarah Polley I knew that she wanted me.

Then by grade 1 she was disgusted by how ugly I was.

From grade 1 to grade 3 my best friends were two guys name Dave, an Ian, and a Rene. I made friends with the best looking blond guys in class to try to protect myself from the deranged psychopaths known as beautiful little white girls. One of my best friends was also a black girl named Nicole.

The reason Sarah Polley is a New Democrat today is because she tormented boys when she was little.

And by high school she'd be guaranteed an inflated grade as teachers of bird classes about the Holocaust wanted to fill the room with blond girls as they Hitler/Holocausted out LGBT.

Most of those idiots in high school who get up on stage and sing and dance are trying to subconsciously impress the Sarah Polley's who never liked them in kindergarten.

Fuck you you stupid pasty-faced cracker bitch Sarah Polley. But if you had had a brother I would have thought he was cute when I was in elementary school. Oh no wait: That sounds so gay. Don't tell the boys that I went to school with that have Charlie Sheen's complexion that I said that. 

Breaking: NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair Is Married To A Jew!

Shocking news about the NDP leader. After spending months trying to learn his name, I saw it somewhere and cut and pasted it into the search bar. It took me to Wikipedia which said that Mulcair is married to a Jew.

I'm still unsure when Mulcair and Sacha Baron Cohen tied the knot. You'd think that would be more widely reported in the mainstream press but you heard about it here first.

Will Jewish influence help Mulcair become Canada's first Prime Minister with hair growing out of his forehead?

Back in the 1980s/90s/2000s when educators were killing skinny boys with dark hair and freckles to get a blond pretty boy to say that he was gay to make homosexuality acceptable to the perverts with 87+ averages, was it all  for this?


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